Student of the year

Student of the year

Life Science Student of the year

Vifor Pharma and Universum are proud to award the "Student of the Year in Life Sciences"! This award annually recognizes a student for the best concept in life sciences.
Take the first step in a career within an international pharmaceutical company, establish relationships and gather an in-depth experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

The "Challenge" rules:

  1. Interested students apply with a concept on the specific website will be online in November
  2. The finalists will be selected to present their concept to a jury at Vifor Pharma
  3. The "Student of the Year in Life Sciences" will be selected after the presentation
  4. The award is then officially announced at the Universum Gala

The winner will get a paid internship of 3 months at Vifor Pharma with a value of at least CHF 10'000.