Mild cognitive impairment


Memory impairment is the most common cognitive disorder in old age. It is usually trivial and solely a result of a general age-related slowdown.

Often, the intensity of memory disturbances - paired with other cognitive problems such as difficulty concentrating and fatigue - exceeds normal levels without reaching the stage of dementia. This condition is known as mild cognitive impairment.
If this impairment worsens and additional disturbances occur with speech, cognition and the ability to name objects and increasing "clumsiness" is observed, it is important to consult a doctor.

Why am I becoming forgetful?
In some older patients, the ageing process takes place in an ideal and successful manner without the impairment of cognitive and intellectual functions. An older patient could:

  • age normally, with a slowdown in sensory and intellectual functions
  • be affected by minor cognitive disturbances that are more pronounced than in the normal ageing process, but without reaching the stage of dementia
  • develop Alzheimer's or another type of dementia

Causes of cognitive impairment
There are various causes and theses do not result in dementia in all older people. For most elderly people, disorders will remain stable and for some, they may even disappear.
Memory problems may have causes other than dementia: other diseases (depression, hypothyroidism, anaemia, diabetes, etc.) or taking certain medications (e.g. antipsychotic drugs).


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