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Friday, 30 September 2016


Ensure patient safety; Vifor Pharma is driven by the integration of new pharmaceutical substances, the optimization of existing products and processes to meet our customer needs.

Health & Safety approach:
In recent years, Vifor Pharma has increasingly begun to work with potent compounds (i.e., compounds very active pharmacologically, with efficacy at sub-milligram doses).
The safety of our collaborators is a key factor in the process of integration of potent compounds.

Patient and Vifor Pharma challenge:
Potent compounds allow patients to take smaller doses and potentially experience fewer side effects. While this property is advantageous for the patient, it presents a greater risk to the health of the pharmaceutical industry professional working with these compounds because exposure to very small quantities has the potential to cause health effects. Each activity into our pharmaceutical production –subject to legislations, regulations and policies - creates continuously new challenges in terms of Occupational Health and Safety.

Zone for Potent API, Process and certification:
Our existing health-protective infrastructure and work environment, engineering controls, work practices and personal protective equipment allows us to face with Potent Compounds, designated as “Category 3”, to which novel pharmaceutical compounds are routinely assigned.

Our statements are based and confirmed on significant experience monitoring workplace exposures. The containment and control systems, work practices and personal protective equipment are managed by our team of occupational safety professionals and industrial hygienists & toxicologists, having extensive experience throughout the pharmaceutical industry.

The integration of new pharmaceutical potent compounds into our facilities is based on a systematic approach, ensured by comprehensive solutions through integrated services, with support provided by our industry experts.
Vifor Pharma prides itself having the necessary skills and capabilities in this field, having a deep understanding of the potent compound safety management setting.


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