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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

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The continuous quest of the performance ; production site located in Villars-sur-Glâne, Switzerland.

Lean Management approach:
At Vifor Pharma, continuous improvement approach is a key aspect to control and improve effectiveness and quality of all our manufacturing processes. In this context, manufacturing lead time management is essential to ensure reliable delivery timelines to our customers.

In order to excel in this approach, the site of Villars-sur-Glâne has developed a powerful dashboard named RAPTORS for “Review and Analysis of Performances indicaTORS”. This dashboard enables the analysis of the perfomance index and helps prioritize the major axes of improvement on each production line.The tool was designed to allow a clear and quick visualization of current performance status against set objectives, in order to meet the customer needs.

Principle of the RAPTORS dashboard:
To ensure sustainable improvements in reactivity and efficiency, new connected tools (see Fig.1) are in place to follow the efficiency of the processes directly on the production lines. Some parameters are collected in real time, as for example the number of good and scrap product units or the unplanned stops during production, thus providing a timely status of the line.

Moreover, all stops are identified and communicated to the supervision team. This helps to react in case of efficiency losses. Our teams perform problem solving and root cause analysis sessions as a means to continuously improve the performance of Vifor Pharma production lines. For example, as a result of our strategy, the number of shifts was reduced from 3 to 2 for the drops packaging line.




Fig 1.- An example of performance indicators in place for a blister line

Fig 1.- An example of performance indicators in place for a blister line


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