Vifor Pharma has extensive expertise in the production of powders, tablets and capsules.

Granulating and mixing

Thanks to a variety of granulation technologies, Vifor Pharma is able to offer services tailored to your specific process needs:

  • Wet granulation
  • Granulation in the fluidised bed
  • Compaction

Our blenders enable a batch production of 450 kg. Blenders with smaller volumes allow for the upscaling from laboratory to industrial scale.

Tabletting and coating

Our tablet presses with automatic Checkmaster control enable the production of the following types of tablets by compression of blends and granulates:

  • Round tablets (Ø 7 to 20 mm)

  • Specially shaped tablets (oblong, rectangular or square)
  • Microtablets (Ø 2 mm)

The range of available shapes and sizes covers most customer requirements. We also offer the appropriate fittings for blister packs in all existing formats.

Sustained release tablets can be produced as matrix or film-coated tablets. Our film-coating equipment (up to 600 L) is used for the production of typical batch sizes of 200,000 to 1 million tablets.

Capsule filling

Vifor Pharma fills hard-gelatine capsules (size: 0-4) (volumetric) with one or two components:

  • Powder 
  • Microtablets
  • Pellets

Our fully automated plants guarantee optimal production quality:

  • Automatic Checkmaster for up to 90,000 capsules per hour
  • 100% weight control for up to 50,000 capsules per hourFilling two-component systems - specific technology

The typical batch size is approx. 1 million capsules.

Filling two-component systems - specific technology

A one-of-a-kind facility for filling caps with solids up to 28,000 caps per hour.
The filled cap is then snapped onto a single-dose container filled with a liquid phase. This increases the stability of the active ingredient while maintaining the advantages of a drinkable dosage form.


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