All packaging lines are equipped with barcode scanners for folding boxes and leaflets in order to ensure a secure packaging process.

Blister packs

Our efficient blister plants are fitted with colour camera monitoring systems, barcode scanners and a dynamic weighing system for inspection during the process at the plant. We process the following blisters:

  • PVC - aluminium 
  • PVC/PVDC - aluminium 
  • Triplex - aluminium 
  • Aluminium - aluminium

The numerous blister formats that are offered accommodate most tablet and capsule sizes.
The aluminium foil is imprinted during the process in the plant and each individual dose is uniquely identifiable. Our three fully equipped plants each offer capacities of up to 200 blisters/minute or 120 boxes/minute. The folding boxes can also be imprinted (including data matrix code).

Liquid filling

Solutions, suspensions and emulsions are filled, labelled and packaged into boxes with leaflets in four complete filling plants. Thorough checks with barcode scanners and weight and visual tests during the process ensure high quality.

Filling quantities:

  • 10 to 50 mL for drops, pump or nose sprays (glass or plastic bottles) 
  • 50 to 400 mL for glass, plastic and enema bottles

Childproof caps and the automatic addition of dosing cups are also an option.  

Preservative-free solutions – specific technology

Filling of preservative-free solutions, in which adequate containment and the disinfection of the filling line by a CIP/SIP system are guaranteed.

Filling of bottles/pots

Capsules, tablets and soft / hard gelatine or vegetal capsules are filled into plastic bottles. These operations, which take place within the Group (UK) in contract manufacturing, will be carried out at our Villars-sur-Glâne site beginning in 2013.
Up to 55 plastic bottles/minute are filled with 60 to 180 units each, labelled, imprinted and packed into boxes with leaflets. Depending on the customer's requirements, it is possible to provide and label individual packages that are ready for sale or shrink-wrapped multipacks.

Sachet filling

Sachets with filling quantities of 0.5 to 10 g.
90 to 130 sachets/minute can be filled and automatically packaged into boxes with leaflets.


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